CCAF Online Classes

CCAF Classes Online

CCU Summer 2020 CCAF course schedule

MAT-113A: Math Concepts (satisfies the CCAF math requirement)
2 Class dates: 6/10/20 – 7/15/20 7/21/20 – 8/18/20

PHL-205A: World Views (satisfies the CCAF humanities requirement)
Class date: 7/22/20 – 8/19/20
POC for the above courses:

Eric Paddock

COM-110A: Oral Communications (satisfies one of the CCAF communications requirements)
Class date: 6/11/20 – 7/16/20

PSY-102A: General Psychology (satisfies the CCAF social science requirement)
Class date: 7/23/20 – 8/20/20

POC for the above courses:
Rod Blake

 All classes are online
 No online fees
 Military tuition rate of $250 per semester hour applies (total tuition: $750)
 All books are provided
o If registered for the class within 10 days of the Monday the week class starts, there is a rush fee applied
 Classes are 5 weeks long, just as if they were being held on a military installation
 Course content is exactly the same as courses held on a military installation

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