Contact Information

Schriever Child Development Center 60 Hahn Ave., Bldg. 60 Schriever AFB, CO 80912 Phone: 719-567-4742 SAC: 719-567-2850 Hours of Operation Mon-Fri   0600 – 1800 FCC Office Contact Phone: 719-556-4322 Key Personnel: Stacy Compton Child & Youth Services Flight Chief 719-567-5464 Ruth Moore School Liaison 719-567-6176 Jennifer Clare Child Development Center Director 719-567-7101 TBD Training and Curriculum Specialist 719-567-4742 Theresa (Tara) Archuleta Training and Curriculum Specialist 719-567-7009

2019 Youth Programs Residential Camps

The Air Forces Services Activity Child and Youth Programs are pleased to announce the 2019 Air Force Youth Programs Residential Camps and Individual Residential Sports Camps.

Completed applications must be emailed to the AFSVA POCs listed below and to the org box by the deadlines listed by each camp. Click here to read more. 

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following POCs:

Ms. Teresa Witschen – or 210-395-7514

Mr. James Yracheta, or 210-395-7252

Mr. Kevin Hansen, or 210-3957248

Ms. Mona Hamilton, or 210-395-7725

General Information

The Mission of Air Force Child and Youth Programs(CYP) is to assist DoD military and civilian personnel in balancing the competing demands of the accomplishment of the DoD mission and family life through delivery of a system of quality, available and affordable programs and services for eligible children and youth birth through 18 years of age. 

Inspections and Accreditation:
The Schriever AFB Child Development is certified through the Department of Defense Child Development Services. The programs certification is renewed annually after the unannounced DOD Inspection has been completed. In addition, the CDC is accredited by The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Childcare programs earn their accreditation and certifications by providing high quality childcare which provides a safe environment as well as a curriculum that is supportive of the children’s individual needs.

Enrollment Information:
The CDC provides care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. To get your child on the waiting list please visit, if you have questions regarding enrollment please contact the CDC at 567-4742.

Weekly Fees:
Weekly fees are based upon the family’s total family income.

The Child Development Center offers a curriculum that is supportive to the individual needs and interests of the children. Children will have the opportunity to learn through hands on experiences, active thinking, exploration, and experimenting along with support and positive interactions from the staff. Our classroom environments are carefully planned to allow children to learn through play, socializing, and experimenting with a variety of materials and toys. The outdoor environment provides children with new opportunities to explore, develop gross motor skills, coordination, and strengthen their muscles.

Discipline in the CDC is consistent and constructive in nature. It is based off of mutual respect of the children and staff. Staff will establish clear and reasonable boundaries for the children which are developmentally appropriate for the child’s age group. Within the Child Development Center, no form of punishment will be practiced by any staff member, volunteer, visitor, or parent.

Food Program:
The Child Development Center provides meals and snacks throughout the day. The guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are followed to ensure the meals and snacks meet nutritional value requirements. All meals are served family style and parents are always welcome to join their child during any meal. A cycle menu is followed to allow a variety in foods served. The weekly menu is always posted in the lobby.

Children with Special Needs:
The Child Development Center makes every effort to provide care for children with special needs, when approved by the Medical Advisor prior to enrollment. Please see the front desk for information.

Employment Opportunities:
If you are interested in employment at the CDC or SAC programs, please apply online at for NAF jobs and for APF jobs.

Additional Services and Programs

Child care is offered at the Family Child Care homes on the base. Contact the A&FRC at 567-3920 for additional information

Allows ANG/AFR parents to use licensed and affiliated EDC homes during drill weekends. Care is dependent on the availability of funding and availability of FCC providers.

Cares for children while parents prepare for PCS move. Covers 20 hours of care per child at both departing and new base. Must be used within 60 days of departure or arrival.

Air Force Family Child Care Deployment/Remote Child Care Support will provide additional child care hours for deployments/remote assignments. The previous program provided 48 hours of child care for pre-, during and post-deployment/remote assignments.

Families are authorized 16 hours for pre-deployment, 16 hours each month of the deployment/remote assignment, and 16 hours post-deployment.

AF FCC Deployment Child Care Support may be used once the member has orders and ends 60 days upon return from the deployment. AF FCC Remote Assignment Child Care may be used each month that the member is on remote assignment.

Care is dependent on the availability of funding and availability of FCC providers.

Available during non- traditional hours for parents working temporarily extended or additional shifts to support the mission.

Child Care for eligible members returning after a minimum 30-day deployment in support of a contingency operation, after a series of short term deployments totaling 30 days in a six month period, or during members’ two week R&R leaved from deployed location.

Allows parents to use an AF FCC child care program for the same cost as the Child Development Center (CDC) or School Age Programs (SAP).