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Key Personnel:

Ms.Wendy DeRosier
Arts & Crafts Specialist

Ms. Juli Yim
Director, ODR/ITT/Art & Crafts

General Information

One stop shop for quarterly and annual awards, acrylic awards, plaques, and statuary. Personalized Gifts for all occasions and events such as boxed game sets, pen sets, photo albums, clocks, keepsake and coin boxes/racks. Our mission is to provide you with a quality product at the best price, with the convenience of being located on Schriever AFB. All work is done on site at bldg. 805.

We are a Category C program and are supported by your patronage. All revenue is returned to you in the form of improved or expanded programs. Services are available to all DOD card holders and Contractors, your personnel projects are welcomed. We would be happy to meet with you inside or outside the restricted area, please call to schedule an appointment.


Full Color Sublimation

Your emblems, patches, photos, artwork printed in color on awards, plaques, coffee mugs, gift boxes, baby bibs, coasters, t-shirts, ornaments, and much more. Sublimation basically uses a special heat sensitive toner to produce a transfer (size limited to 8”x10”). The transfer is set with heat and pressure (heat press).  Sublimation is always done on a polymer (plastic) surface or polymer coated object. Once done, it becomes a permanent part of the surface, you cannot feel it, and you cannot rub it off. Not all polymer surfaces are sublimateable. Presently sublimated items are not for outdoor use. Artwork must have good resolution, saved on CD (JPG/TIF), compatible with Corel Draw.

Recycled Trophies

We have a good selection of handsome and gently used sports trophies. Donated trophies are re-vamped for reuse at a fraction of the cost of a new trophy. We are happy to accept your unwanted donated trophies.

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