The Exceptional Family Member Program

The Exceptional Family Member Program is a program designed to ensure services are available for your family member who may have special needs.

Enrollment in EFMP is mandatory for Active Duty and requires identification of all family members requiring long term general medical, special education, early intervention or related services, or modified housing. The member must contact the Military Treatment Facility (MTF) Special Needs Coordinator (SNC) to initiate EFMP enrollment, complete an evaluation, assessment, and possible enrollment for identified family members.

EFMP-Family Support

Assists families and leadership in managing the competing demands of the mission; provides local, state, and federal information, guidance and services to support military and their families with special needs as well as improve family coping skills, identify gaps in services, advocate for improved services on/off the installation, and partner with community agencies and health providers to meet the needs of military families.


Identifies medical and educational service requirements of family members in support of Active Duty sponsor reassignment and civilian employment overseas. Identifies those family members who have special needs in order to coordinate accompanied travel orders and family relocations. EFMP medical links treatment facilities and community agencies to support sponsors and their family members.


Employ servicemembers at locations where required medical, educational, early intervention or related services are available either through the military medical system, civilian resources utilizing Tricare, or a combination.