Family Child Care

The Family Child Care (FCC) program offers in-home care for children ages 2 weeks to 12 years, in either on-installation housing or in civilian communities. FCC offers families child care when alternative weekend, evening care, swing and midnight shifts, and special needs care is required. The groups are multi-age and smaller ratios than in the centers. We provide family members a chance to become an approved FCC provider.

How to Find a FCC Provider:

Child and Youth Programs is very excited to introduce to you a new website for all military families to request child care! (MCC) is a Department of Defense website for military families seeking child care. This site will allow families to search for and request care from a wide range of military operated and military subsidized child care options across all Services to include Child Development Centers, School Age Programs, and Family Child Care Homes. Additional benefits from Child and Youth Programs (CYP) are standardized procedures for effective waiting list management, expedited placement of children and youth into available programs, and enhanced daily operations for programs.

Becoming a FCC Provider:

If you are over 18 years of age, able to speak, read and write English and are in good mental and physical health you might be on your way to a new rewarding career that can follow you wherever you are stationed.


CC providers must meet stringent requirements and are required to be at least 18 years of age, able to speak, read and write English, and in good mental and physical health. They and their family members must pass a comprehensive background check and complete an orientation program prior to licensing.

Additionally, providers must complete 15 Training Modules equating to approximately 60 hours of training. Finally, to ensure your peace of mind, they are required to complete additional training each year, similar to the training required of the Child Development Center (CDC) employees. When you leave your child in an FCC home, you can be sure it is fully equipped for your child’s physical safety. That’s because the FCC program lends providers important child safety items such as safety gates, scald guards, first-aid kits, doorknob covers, fire extinguishers, electrical outlet covers, etc. Unannounced home inspections are also conducted monthly to ensure every provider is consistently maintaining all safety standards.

In addition to child safety items, the FCC program lends providers a wide range of developmentally appropriate educational materials and supplies for infants through school-aged children. Ranging from small-muscle development toys such as puzzles and LEGOs to music materials, language skill supplies, arts and crafts materials and outdoor play equipment, your child will enjoy (and be challenged by) a wide selection of books, games, and toys.

FCC is now available in civilian communities in off-base affiliated-provider homes at most locations. Offering the same standards in care, these homes are affiliated with the military and are required to meet all military standards as well as standards of the state, county, or country that has childcare licensing jurisdiction.