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Key Personnel:

Ms.Wendy DeRosier
Arts & Crafts Specialist

Ms. Juli Yim
Director, ODR/ITT/Art & Crafts

Laser Engraving

Our Epilog Fusion Laser Engraver utilizes a 50-watt, CO2 laser power source, and a 30 watt fiber optic laser power source, focused by mirrors and lenses to mark the item. It has a 20″ x 32″ engraving bed, 12″ deep. Most items to be laser engraved must have a burnable surface. The laser can mark, engrave, or cut through most non-metallic surfaces. The laser can mark some metals depending on the alloy or coating, this is completely by trial and error. We do have plastics that have the “look” of metals. Artwork must be black and white, no color or shades of grey.This is because the laser simply burns, it does not read the difference between (for example) red or green, dark grey or medium gray. Art work should be saved onto a CD (JPG/TIF), compatible with Corel Draw.Emailing images does not work, because the engraver is a stand-alone and off line. We would however be able to scan a clean image to the laser. Please contact us, we may already have your patch/logo in a laser format.

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