School Liaison Program

Your one-stop shop for all matters related to Pre K-12 military-connected child education!

Student Focused, Partnership Driven

The School Liaison is an exceptional resource that caters exclusively to military families. We take pride in the tailored services that we provide, which encompass a wide range of activities that enable parents to become more involved in their child’s academic life. It is our fundamental belief that when parents are active participants in their child’s education, the child benefits immensely. Therefore, we strive to offer parents various tools and resources that will make it easier for them to play a more involved role in their child’s school experience.

How can the School Liaison Assist?

  • MIC3 guidelines for military families (
  • Special Education Navigation
  • Graduation requirements
  • Kindergarten Requirements
  • Transition to Preschool
  • Transfer of Records
  • School Choice
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Information on Scholarships
  • We also support our civilian families
  • Among more topics!

We invite you to connect with our team by calling us at 719.567.6176 or by visiting our location in building 210. Our team of professionals are always available to provide additional advice and information, ensuring that military families have the support that they need.

Youth Sponsorship

Schriever Youth Sponsorship Program–The program matches current military students with new military students of the same sex and same grade before and after they move to Schriever. Request a sponsor for your child/teen:

School Districts

We have 17 school districts here within the Colorado Springs area.

**Schriever SFB is zoned for Ellicott School District 22 with Ellicott Elementary, Middle School, and High School which provides transportation to and from school via bus.

Ellicott District 22
Phone Number: 719.683.2700

These districts are in order from closed to Schriever SFB to farthest. Please keep in mind these districts do not provide transportation to and from Schriever SFB.

District 49
Link to a list of schools within District 49:

District 11
Link to a list of schools within District 11:

District 20


Additionally, Colorado is a “Choice State” and families have the option to apply to many quality schools within multiple school districts on a space available basis. Parents are encouraged to research and visit local schools as part of their Colorado School of Choice Application. For more information visit:

Helpful Links

Installation Resources

Child Care Options:

Schriever Child Development Center

Phone Number: 719.567.4742
Address: 60 Hahn Ave., Bldg. 60
Schriever SFB, CO 80912

Schriever School Age Program

Phone Number: 719.567.2850
Address: 60 Hahn Ave., Bldg. 60

Also please visit Child Care Aware for options in the Colorado Springs Community

EFMP/Special Education

Phone Number: 719.567.7391
Location: Military & Family Readiness Center Schriever SFB, CO 80912

The Relocation Assistance Program Manager at the M&FRC

DSN: 560-3920