Personal & Work Life

Staying connected with your community will be the key to your success and happiness while stationed at Schriever Space Force Base. The Personal & Work Life program is designed to help all member of team Schriever adapt to current and future changes in their lives, by offering a variety of workshops and seminars for parenting, marital enrichment stress management, and effective communication skills.


  • Parent Enrichment Program
  • De-Stress Workshop
  • Heart Link (New Spouse Orientation)
  • Relationship Building Workshops
  • Lunch and Learn Series
  • Key Spouse Program

Key Spouse Program

The Key Spouse Program is an official unit and family program designed to enhance readiness and establish a sense of military community. It is a commander’s program that promotes partnerships with unit leadership, volunteer Key Spouses appointed by the commander, families, the Military & Family Readiness Center and other community and helping agencies. The program has been standardized across the military to address the needs of all military families, with special emphasis on support to families across the deployment cycle. Contact the M&FRC to find your Key Spouse and for information on becoming a Key Spouse.

Heart Link

The purpose of the Heart Link Program is to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. Appreciating that spouses play an important goal in re-enlistment decisions, therefore impacting retention, the overall program goal is to ensure that spouses are aware of their importance to the military, and feel as though they are a part of the military “team.” Each base appoints a Heart Link Administrator to oversee the program, which includes orientation activities consisting of presentations, interactive games and exercises. A program highlight is having lunch at the dining facility with the Commander and tour of Satellite Operations.

Military and Family Life Consultant (MFLC)

This is a Department of Defense initiative in support of military members and families. A solution-focused consultation, and members and/or families may have up to 12 visits.

Military & Family Life Consultants are licensed clinical counselors assigned to Schriever SFB to work with families, individuals, couples, and children to provide non-medical problem identification counseling services. Non-medical counseling services include anger management, conflict resolution, parenting, relationship issues, homesickness, assignment stress and decision-making skills. To speak with our MFLC, call 719.225.6003.