Dependent Online ID Renewal

Applicable Online Renewals

List of Acceptable Documents on
  • New Spouse
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Drivers License
    • Marriage Certificate
  • Children Under 21
    • 2 Forms of State Issued Identification
    • Full Time Student/Age 21+
      • School Letter Stating Full Time Enrollment & Estimated Graduation Date
      • 2 Forms of State Issued Identification
      • (Student ID Cards are not accepted)
    • Tricare Young Adult
      • 2 Forms of State Issued Identification
    • Secondary Dependent
      • Letter from DFAS Approving Renewal
      • 2 Forms of State Issued Identification

    Step 1

    USID Card Renewal Application

    Step 2

    • The photo must be a clear, forward headshot taken on a plain white/off-white background with nothing in the background, with the full face in view.
    • Photo must be taken in clothing normally worn on a daily basis (no hats or sunglasses).
    • The photo should not be older than six months.

    Step 3

    Customer Support needs to receive 2 emails from you to process your ID request, one from DoD SAFE and one with the passphrase you create to send encrypted information via DoD Safe. Allow up to 7 business days to complete ID Card renewal request.

    Please send below attachments via DoD SAFE

    Confirm that an email has been received by calling 719.567.5901

    • ID Card Renewal Form
    • 2 Forms of Identification
    • Photo of Dependent
    • Additional docs listed to the left

    Click here for DoD Safe Instructions

    Step 4

    • The ID will be ready within 7 days of submittal.
    • You will receive an email once your ID is created.
    • If your ID is expired, you’ll need to bring the email notification to the gate, your expired ID will be terminated and confiscated by the gate guard.
    • Sponsor must be present to pick up dependent IDs
    • Bring valid form of ID with you for pick up